Wooden ceilings by Derako are high quality wooden ceilings and cladding supplied with FSC and PEFC certification. The solid wooden suspended ceiling systems are not only extremely durable, they also give your room a luxurious, contemporary look. In addition, Derako wooden ceilings meet the European fire resistance requirements with regard to the use of wood as cladding material. The systems are also very suitable for use in an acoustic room.


Designs of the wooden ceilingsWooden ceilings

Derako wooden ceilings are unique because of the many benefits they offer. The system is available in various designs including the open and closed linear system, the multi-panel linear and the grill system. In addition to the standard systems, Derako also has a number of specially developed designs available. Most versions are also suitable for use as exterior ceilings.


Curved wooden ceiling and cladding

Derako wooden ceilings, both in the linear and grill design, are excellently suited for use in curved or arched shape. Here the creativity of the architect is the guiding principle. The rails are curved to the desired radius and fixed. These can be suspended with quick hangers or nonius hangers. As with flat ceiling / cladding, the unique supporting system comes completely prefabricated.


With a wide range of wood types, system types, sizes and finishes, there are a large number of options available for the look of the ceiling. The Derako wooden ceiling system has a good acoustic value and is therefore often used in public buildings.


Removable ceiling

Derako wooden ceilings are available as fixed or removable ceilings. With the carrier system with carrier and clip, the slats in the linear system can be supplied 50% removable. The rails come alternately with the right number of fixed and removable clips. With the grill system, the ceiling is fully removable with the half-lap dowel joint. By using a removable ceiling, any repairs and maintenance works can be carried out on the overhead technical installations. You will find all the information on dismantling in the Derako assembly instructions under the menu-item downloads.


More information on wooden ceilings

Derako staff will be delighted to advise you about special applications and technical details. If you have any questions or wish to make an appointment, call us on: +31 224 59 23 40 or leave your details on the form on the contact page.

If you need more information on the FSC or PEFC certification of the wood, you will find this under the menu-item certification in the menu above.


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