The Derako solid wood façade system consists of solid wooden slats and anodised aluminium SLR profiles, which depending on the specific project, come with notches for fastening a patented RVS clip. The entire fixing is at the rear. This keeps the appearance intact for a long time because there are no screws or nails in the slats. This prevents damage to the wood and corrosion marks. It can be used horizontally or vertically and fitted with a membrane fabric to protect the facade or achieve the desired colour scheme.


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Ceiling system

The Derako solid wood ceiling system is one of a kind due to the many benefits it offers. All versions are suitable for ceiling…

Wall system

Making a complex wall design easy and clear. This is possible with the Derako solid wooden wall system. This offers different technical and…

Façade system

Sustainable façade cladding with unique character. Using wood as cladding gives a building a warm and modern feel. The Derako solid wood…

Wood species

Choose from a large selection of wood types, bamboo or preserved wood. Read about the characteristics of the wood and the finishes.

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