The Derako ceiling and wall systems can all contribute to obtaining credits within the BREEAM and LEED evaluation and certification systems.


Building assessment based on BREEAM

BREEAM stands for BRE Environmental Assessment Method and is an internationally recognized method for determining the sustainability performance of buildings on the basis of nine different aspects: management, health, energy, transport, water, materials, waste, land use & ecology and pollution. The categories are subdivided into different criteria (credits)and points can be scored per credit after which, following weighting per category, the building will be rated as per the following levels:  Good, Very Good, Excellent, Outstanding.


Overview of the BREEAM credits for the Derako systems

Derako has compiled a document containing an overview of the contributions of the Derako systems for obtaining credits within BREEAM certification. This overview is compiled according to the latest BREEAM assessment guideline for New Construction (v2014).


pdfBREEAM credits with Derako


LEED certification

LEED stands for ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’. Just like BREEAM, LEED is an evaluation and certification system with which the sustainability performance of buildings can be determined. LEED was set up in 1998 by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and is the most used sustainability tool in the United States. This is especially so as LEED is often chosen for government projects. LEED is a scoring system that uses a checklist. The score determines whether the building will be awarded basic certification, silver, gold or platinum. This certification is the responsibility of the LEED Committee. In addition to new construction, LEED can also be used in the renovation or transformation of existing buildings (LEED-Existing Buildings). LEED assesses the following elements: 'development of sustainable locations', 'water saving', 'energy efficiency', 'material selection', 'quality of the internal environment', 'innovation' and design and 'regional priority'.